Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association

Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association (DHCCA), a nonprofit organization, provides an opportunity for members of the community to learn the Chinese language and to gain cultural understanding of Chinese heritage, tradition and customs.  We offer language and culture classes to people from both Chinese and non-Chinese speaking backgrounds.

The language classes teach modern Chinese using the alphabetic phonetic (Pinyin) system, which is adopted by the United Nations and is especially practicable for people familiar with the Western alphabet. Our main textbook, Standard Chinese, and other supplementary teaching materials are designed with the learning environment of North America in mind.  

With the support of the Half Hollow Hills Central School District and High School West, our classes are held at Half Hollow Hills High School West, 375 Wolf Hill Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746.  Every Friday from 7:00 to 9:35 p.m. during the school year, there are two periods of language classes followed by one period of culture classes.  Culture classes include martial arts, painting, folk dancing, crafts, and Chinese chess.

We are confident in our progressive programs and excellent teaching staff, and particularly proud of our web site (www.dhcca.org), which contains a wealth of teaching materials for students who wish to advance their learning of the Chinese language beyond the classroom and for teachers.  

Everyone interested is welcome to visit us during our school hours on Fridays.  Our mailing address is Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association, P.O. Box 1344, Melville, NY 11747.



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