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Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association

 Principal's Column 校长简言

Greetings from Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association (DHCCA)! 

DHCCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to offer school-aged community members and their families throughout Nassau and Suffolk County an opportunity to explore Mandarin Chinese and the culture that comes with it. We welcome Chinese and non-Chinese speaking families to come join us on our exciting adventure of learning and making friends. We offer classes for children in grades pre-k to 8 and Chinese as Second Language (CSL) in small-class setting on Friday nights during the school year. 

A warm welcome to our new students and families! We‘re excited to be there at the beginning of your Chinese-learning adventure. As for our returning students, we hope that you had a wonderful and well-rested summer and are happy to see your return to continue your journey with us. 

As a newly elected principal, I am honored and humbled to have an opportunity to promote the Chinese language and culture. I am excited to learn and grow with our students. Our faculty and staff have already prepared for the new school year. One of the developments is that we’re boarding our social media platform. Beside WeChat, DHCCA is now also on Facebook. You can find us on this link:

You can also find us by searching for “Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association (DHCCA)” on Facebook. If you have any questions regarding our mission or class offerings, feel free to email us at

Yeeyan (Ivy) Moore 

DHCCA principal 


十峰是501(c)(3)非营利团体。我们的宗旨是为拿骚(Nassau)和萨福克(Suffolk)社区学员及其家人提供学习普通话跟探索中国文化的机会。我们期待中文和非中文家庭加入到我们创新教学模式中,同时交新朋友及建立长久友谊。十峰在每个学期星期五晚为大家设立了pre-k 到八年级的中文班 (开班取决于报名人数)以及中文为第二语言的CSL班。 





 Books 书籍推荐

 唐诗三百首 $25.00



1. 开场/Opening : 高柯/Ke Gao, 马望旺/Kevin  Ma, Music: 《春节序曲》

2. 校长致辞/Principal Speech

3.歌曲/Song : 新年好/ Happy New Year, 恭喜发财/Gong Xi Fa Cai  
表演者:Class K

4. 舞蹈/Dance: 爵士桑巴舞/Jazz and Samba 
表演者:杨宇珊/Irena Yeung, Penny

5. 新年祝福语及谜语/ New Year Wishes and Riddles , 
歌曲/Song:最炫中国风 Hottest Chinese Style 
表演者:Class 4

6.  三句半十峰新春乐  DCCCA Happy New Year 
表演者: Class 5

7. 钢琴/ Piano : 茉莉花/Jasmine
表演者:林美雅/Meiya Lin

8. 歌曲/Song: 恭喜恭喜/Gongxi Gongxi
表演者:郭婷婷 /Tiffany Guo, Class 1

9.  舞蹈/Dance: 青花瓷/Qing Hua Ci
表演者:流金岁月古典舞蹈团/Golden Age Classical Chinese Dance Group

10. 歌曲&乐器/Song & Instrument:新年好/Happy New Year
表演者:Class 2

11. 钢琴/ Piano : Flying Leaves
表演者:李一丹/Karen Li

12. 新年快乐/Happy New Year 
表演者:Class 8 & Volunteers

13. 小提琴/Violin :辣妹子 Hot Girl
表演者:杨宇杰/Jack Yeung

14. 歌曲/Song: Let Her Go   
表演者:Ellie Yu, Emily Wu, Cheryl Famulare, Victoria Madu, Emma Bernstein

15. 综合节目/Combination Performance: 《时间都去哪儿了》/Where Did the Time Go (Class 3 and Student reps) 领唱:李若/Emma Li ,余诗若/Ellie Yu ,季信之/Edwin Ji ,马望旺/ Kevin Ma;指导老师/ Instructor: 高柯Ke Gao;  音乐编辑/ Music editor: 杜桁 Heng Du ; 图片编辑/Photo editor: 陈翔,Xiang Chen;书法/Calligraphy: 黄茶Cha Huang

16. 女声独唱:故乡是北京 /My Hometown Is Beijing

17. 男声小合唱:九月九的酒/September 9
表演者: 长岛之声合唱团/The Sound of Long Island Chorus
指挥:沈海华/Haihua Shen

18 合唱:  半个月亮爬上来/Here Rises the Half Moon
领唱:王稚鹤/Zhihe Wang
表演者: 长岛之声合唱团/The Sound of Long Island Chorus 
指挥:沈海华/Haihua Shen

19. 女声小合唱:葡萄园夜曲/Nocturne in the Vineyard
表演者: 长岛之声合唱团/The Sound of Long Island Chorus
指挥:沈海华/Haihua Shen

20. 合唱: 梦中的卓玛/Zhuo Ma in the Dream               
领唱:王稚鹤/Zhihe Wang
表演者: 长岛之声合唱团/The Sound of Long Island Chorus 
指挥:沈海华/Haihua Shen

21. 歌舞/Singing with Dancing:万事如意/All The Best 
表演者:所有学生/All Students  

 2019-2020 Registration Details

2019-2020 School Year

First Day of School

To register: Mail the filled registration form with a check to:

DHCCA,  P.O. Box 633, Melville, NY11747

If you have any questions, please email us at