Election 选举
Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association Election Rules:
  1. Election Committee. The current President should appoint, and may lead, an Election Committee to conduct all affairs with respect to the election of President (also a Director), Vice President, and Directors of DHCCA. This Committee shall call for nomination, confirm candidacy, and execute election. It shall also publish a schedule for, and prepare for, the election.
  2. Supervisory Representatives. Two members of DHCCA shall be selected by the PTA as Supervisory Representatives to oversee the election processes. They shall review all nominations submitted by the members and supervise the Election Committee to prepare a slate of candidates for the election and to execute election.
  3. Conflict of Interest. Each member of the Election Committee and each Supervisory Representative, if he or she is a qualified nominee or a candidate as defined under Candidacy, shall refrain from participating in making decisions pertinent to the position he or she is seeking.
  4. Nomination. Each member is entitled to nominate one person for each position. A member may nominate anonymously if he or she registers at the delivery of the nominations. A member may also register for other members at the delivery of the nominations. Otherwise, the member shall undersign the nominations. These rules are designed to ensure that no member shall nominate for more than once.
  5. Candidacy. The number of candidates for the President and for each Director shall be minimally one (1) and maximally two (2). In order for a person to become a qualified nominee, he or she shall be nominated by at least two Members and shall express explicit consent to be a candidate. Qualified nominees who received the highest numbers of nominations shall become candidates. Each candidate for President shall choose a candidate for Vice President, and the pair shall be voted as a team at election.
  6. Alternative Mechanism of Nomination. In the event that the number of candidates for a position is less than one (1), members of the Election Committee and the Supervisory Representatives may proceed to start nominate and decide on additional candidates based on the rules stated under Candidacy.
  7. Election. Each member is entitled to one vote on each position. A member may also exert the voting right on behalf of his or her spouse who is also a member. Election of Directors, President, and Vice President shall be by written ballot.
All members are reminded that although any person may serve as President, Vice President, and Directors according to the Bylaws, it is their duty to nominate and elect qualified persons to these positions.