Overview 十峰简介


十峰中文学校简介 School Overview


Mission 宗旨


Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association (DHCCA) on Long Island, NY is a non-profit educational institute, providing local community a great opportunity to understand and learn Chinese culture and language. The school welcomes and encourages participation from all walks of life from the community.


Brief History 简史

本校128日开始在纽约长岛十峰镇(Dix Hills)西高中 (Half Hollow Hills High School West) 开课。200121日,新校正式注册成立,取名十峰中文学校 (Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association)2004年学生人数超过一百七十

Dix Hills Chinese School started in Half Hollow Hills High School West of Dix Hills, Long Island, NY December 8, 2000. The new school officially registered February 1, 2001, and formally named Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association (DHCCA). By 2004, the school had grown to have over 170 students.

Class Schedule 课程


The classs begin every Friday night from 7:00PM to 9:40PM, with a total of 3 periods. First 2 periods are for language, the third period is for cultural class. The class material is the "Standard Chinese" published by "People's Educational Publishing" tailored specifically for English-Speaking students. The lessons are based on pinying while the school teaches both simplified and traditional Chinese. The cultural classes include Kung Fu Martial Arts, Dancing, Painting, Arts & Crafts, and Board Games, etc.


 Dynamic Environment 动态



The school focuses on both the in-class teaching and the cultural activities. As we all know, the biggest challenge is to create an environment in which the language and cultural education are the most natural for the students. Besides school environment, we also strongly encourage the participation and support from the parents to provide additional educational environment and materials, such as Chinese audio and video, Chinese Cartoons, etc. Encouraging students to write Chinese articles and journal regularly will greatly enhance their abilities to listen, understand, speak and appreciate the Chinese culture and language.


Contact 联络

有关学校事务,请与校长联系: e-mail: principal@dhcca.org  

Please contact Principal regarding school related activies:   e-mail: principal@dhcca.org

 Summary 结语


Dix Hills Chinese school is supported and run today by parents, teachers, and school administration who volunteer their time and effort. This has become a big family for all of students, and all of us. You will see your children grow, and you will see the hope for tomorrow grow. Together, we can make the school better for all of us.